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CatchyNameRecords is a Gameboy only netlabel.
Date Archived
13 tracks produced with the old nintendo gameboys. no other instruments used. some with, some without additional fx. CatchyNameRecords #000 tracklist: 1. Bit Shifter - Move to intercept 2. Lo-bat - A room, broom, guy and a mirror 3. peeR - le sade 4. Uoki-Toki - Verter Mosh 5. 8gb - roni sainz(radio edit) 6. Dr Von Pnok - Laser Failure 7. Flanboy - Hydrogen 8. Jellica - 333eopj.87 9. Uoki-Toki - Mielofon 10. Jellica - TI snigger 11. CatchyNameMusic - wat dnb v1 12. godard - modern bob 13. peeR...
Topics: chiptune, 4 bit, 8 bit, 8 bit, gameboy, drum n´ bass, drum n bass, dnb, dn´b, lofi, lo-fi,...
14 tracks made entirely with nanoloop 2.3, a gameboy music program running on gameboy advance, gameboy micro and nintendo ds. fx where used on some tracks.
Topics: lo-fi, gameboy advance, nanoloop
DMG DNB COMP VOL. 2 - a selection of gameboy drum & bass 9 tracks produced with nintendo gameboys. some with, some without additional fx. no other instruments used. released under cc license: CatchyNameRecords #000 2009 R.I.P. Godard Please choose the zip file for downlad.
Topics: dnb, drum n´ bass, drum & bass, drum and bass, jellica, the j. arthur keenes band,...
by CatchyNameMusic
Gameboy Music
Topics: nanoloop, gameboy, lo-fi, lo fi, Catchy Name, 8 bit, 4 bit, CatchyNameMusic
i wondered what the gameboy advance music program nanoloop 2 can do. since there where nearly no tracks available on the net i organised a compilation. now i know, and you can too. tracklist: 01. Rhinostrich - Freetown 02. rbtr - Yourdogbitme 03. Tetris Hold'em - Behavior House 04. CatchyNameMusic - Nirob Variations 05. Flashbob - Memory Remains 06. Marcus Rafferty - The Electron Theory 07. rbtr - Regalfrog 08. Little-Scale - Systematic 09. LoBit - Ninja Disput 10. Flashbob - Midnight...
Topics: nanoloop, nanoloop 2, lo-fi, lo fi, gameboy